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Cocoon Of Light  

Current offer: £10 off psychic readings

This month your Loyalty Card gets you a £10 discount on a psychic card reading session.

Have you set yourself some bold goals for 2018? Are you the sort of person who wants to make a difference, in your own unique and personal way?

A psychic card reading can bring you the clarity, the answers and the advice you need to pursue your path to personal happiness and professional success.

Find out more about Bart and the Cocoon Of Light.

About The Cocoon Of Light

As a holistic practice for body, mind and spirit, the Cocoon Of Light can help you achieve more happiness, health and abundance in your life.


Through spiritual and holistic techniques such as tarot readings, healing, meditation, crystals, and energy work, the Cocoon Of Light assists you in discovering and focussing on what you really want in life.

By aligning your heart and your mind you can attract and create the happy abundant life that you were destined to live.

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